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If you took Economics 101 in college, you probably at least remember that “supply and demand” is a thing. We can see that most basic of market principles on every.Soul patches, the swing music revival, boy bands, fucking Smash Mouth: everything in 1997 felt so sincere, so joyous, so free of consequences and irony.

Can you believe it? Porsche has built one million 911s over a span of 54 years. That is a lot of freaking cars. And, to celebrate, it made the one-millionth 911 a...Terms and conditions. Summary - general conditions. Preconditions 1. Site content 2. Rights of intellectual and industrial property 3. Linking 4. Material sent to.

Tesla kicked off a spirited debate with its decision to expand the battery range of Model S and X owners in Florida who were trying to escape Hurricane Irma’s wrath.

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Gaze At The Beautiful One-Millionth Porsche 911 Gracing